Class Levels


A Novice soloist/duo/trio may have competed before in a group or line, but never in any number with less than 4 dancers.  Maximum age for Novice performers is 16 years. A Novice group/line must consist of 75% novice dancers, who have never competed before. A new dance form performed by an experienced soloist, duet/trio group or line is not Novice. A Novice dancer is classified Novice throughout the entire 2021 season.


An Intermediate dancer is one who dances less than 4 hours per week.  This level is usually recommended for recreational pre-teens & teens enrolled in Hip Hop type classes.

Please Note:  Novice & Intermediate entries compete for specific cash awards & trophies and are not eligible for Daily High Score, Overalls or Champion of Champions.


A Competitive dancer is one who dances more than 4 hours per week.


An Adult entry must consist of 100% adults.  This category is designed for the adult dancers who regularly take classes.  Dancers will be adjudicated on technique and presentation.  Adults dance free!   Eligible for the Overall Adult Award only.

Good Time

This category has been established for the adults, parents/children or parents only entries.  These routines are considered to have less technique and more presentation.  Adults dance free!  Eligible for the Overall Good Time Award only.



1 dancer


2 or 3 dancers

Small Group

4 to 9 dancers

Large Group

10 to 15 dancers


16+ dancers

Age Categories

All ages are as of December 31, 2020.  For Duo/Trios, Groups & Lines, average the ages of all dancers and drop the decimal.  Dancers will be responsible for providing proof of age should any questions arise.  The directors of Champions Dance reserve the right to combine age categories in the event of limited entries.

Time Limits  *rehearsals will not be permitted


2 minutes 45 seconds


2 minutes 45 seconds


3 minutes 30 seconds


4 minutes


Minimum of 5 minutes

Maximum of 8*


ALL MUSIC MUST BE SUBMITTED TO OUR MC in the sound area, in order to maintain our scheduled times.
Please have your music (with backup available) on one of the 4 formats listed below:
iPod, iPad, USB, Phone
Please ensure that your music is properly labeled.


Studios will be responsible for placing and removing props promptly from the stage.  Note:  Adjudicators look for the usage of props and how it relates to the overall presentation performance.  Special lighting and drawn curtains will not be permitted.

Theatre Etiquette

No video or cameras will be allowed during performances.  Pictures may be taken during Award Sessions Only.  Persons with cameras will be asked to leave the competition area.  Any participant found vandalizing or causing a disruption at the competition site or hotel is subject to disqualification.  No person is allowed near the judging/tabulating area.  No drinking or eating is allowed in the theatre area.  Routines must be appropriate for family viewing.  Mature themes, costumes and language is unacceptable. Doors to the competition area will remain closed during all performances.  ADMISSION IS FREE TO OBSERVE ALL PERFORMANCES.


Novice, Intermediate, Production, Adult & Pro-Am participants compete for specific cash awards & trophies and are not eligible for Daily High Score or Champion of Champions.  Production numbers will be categorized by AGE ONLY.  Dancers may enter as many categories as desired, as long as they never compete against themselves.  Please move up one age, if this should arise.  The scheduling order will be as follows (whenever possible): 10 & Under, 14 & Under, 15 & Over, with Novice & Intermediate beginning or ending our competition.  Overlapping of age divisions is necessary.  A tentative schedule will be sent to the studio approximately 2 weeks prior to the competition.  Champions Dance  reserves the right to cancel or reduce the days of any scheduled competition.  In the event of a decrease in days, Cash Awards will be reduced.

Champions offers the following Dance Forms + Definitions*

Acrobatics, Ballet, Character*, Contemporary, Demi-Character*, Ethnic*, Hip Hop, Jazz*, Lyrical, Modern, Musical Theatre*, Open*, Pointe, Pro-Am*, Production*, Song & Dance* and Tap*.

Dance Form



Routine that portrays an easily recognizable character throughout, such as    an animal, clown, etc. Can incorporate any form of dance or acrobatics.


Routine which portrays a character, with the use of props,such as Little Red Riding Hood, etc.  Can be performed in Ballet or Pointe slippers.


Routine using ethnic style of dance, such as Highland, Celtic, Irish Jig, etc.


Routine may contain a maximum of 2 acrobatic tricks total – a trick is classified as a movement where the hips pass over the head.  Any routine exceeding 2 tricks must be placed in Acrobatics or Open.

Musical Theatre

Routine consisting of the use of a Broadway or movie musical song.  Routine must portray the feeling of the lyrics and music through the use of dance, character, costume and/or comedy.


Routine that does not fit into any other dance category.


A Solo/Duo/Trio routine consisting of teachers only.  A teacher is classified as one who is paid and certified.  A dancer who teaches, in exchange of classes…is not Pro-Am.  Teachers dancing as support in a Group/Line are not Pro-Am.  Pro-Am is eligible for the Overall Pro-Am Award ONLY.


Routine limited to Groups or Lines.  Can incorporate any form of  dance, using formations and/or rhythm changes.  Please notify if routine exceeds 10 minutes.  Production numbers will be categorized by age only.  Production is eligible for the Overall Production Award ONLY.

Song & Dance

Routine must consist of 50% song & 50 & dance. Dancers must supply their own microphone source.


Routine consisting of tap technique.  Tap sounds cannot be present on the  tape.